APPLE KIDS is India’s fast-growing ISO 9001:2008 Certified chain of Hi-tech International Standard Pre-Schools. In addition to our regular pre-school activity, we conduct many part-time Courses and weekend Courses.
Kids education of international standard at an affordable cost.
All children are capable to acquire quality education. We at Apple Kids provide a perfect blend of International standard education in an Indian way.
Taking up Indian education to the International platform-with a conceptual blend of technology, culture and innovation.
Ours is a leading kids education institution in India. Our concept and the philosophy have emanated from our deep sense of love and affection for the little angels of our country. To cherish the tenderness of the child’s development in the early years is, of course, essential to achieve the vision of India by 2020 as envisaged by our beloved former President, Dr. A.P.J. Abdulkalam.
Our system is unique in the sense that it has been carefully designed to ensure that every child is prepared to face the ever-changing challenges of the society. The success of our dynamic institution can be attributed to its clear vision, systematic planning and coordinated approach to the role of its dedicated and committed talents.
Our philosophy is unique. It is based on certain principles. Children need to be nurtured in an atmosphere of love and affection, which alone facilitates the harmonious development of young minds. Make them learn with great joy through play and provide recreational activities to channel the child’s exuberant energy and to kindle their thought process. To bring out their inherent qualities and to broaden their intellectual horizons, we need an innovative methodology. Good habits, social manners and etiquettes can be inculcated only by proper training.Their inquisitive mind can be developed only through creative activities. Prepare them to face the challenges of tomorrow.